your faith plan – part 2

So last week I asked: what does your faith look like when you’re all alone?

Have an answer?

I think that many people are very good at being chameleons. I used to be an expert. I don’t think there’s anyone out there that hasn’t done something just so they can fit into a group. Sometimes those things are stupid: like drinking, smoking, having sex. But other times, we can pretend to do good things too. Like saying all the right things at church but not really meaning them. Like being one way when when we’re with church friends and another way when we’re with “other friends”.

It’s kind of funny, but we can be as good at convincing ourselves that we’re not being dishonest as we are at trying to convince everyone else. But God sees through all of that. It’s actually why I named this blog “a naked faith” – because really, we’re all standing naked before God whether we realize it or not. He sees our real hearts. He knows our real thoughts. So the first step is always being honest with ourselves and Him before we can live a life of honesty “out there”.

When I was in college, I mentioned that God found me. I’m a pretty quick learner so I learned how to “be a Christian”. I learned what to say, what to do, and how to act. I meant it all. But there always comes a time of testing – “would I still serve the Lord if….”

The question God asked me my junior year of college was this: Will you still serve me when all of “these people” are gone? (Meaning all of the Christian friends I had made and come to depend on during my time at college).

Then comes the choice. For me, the choice came in the form of: stay on campus for my senior year or move off campus. It wasn’t a right/wrong decision. It wasn’t like one was good and one was bad. The real choice was this: would I depend on God, or would I depend on a Christian social environment? I moved off campus my senior year and like Robert Frost’s roads – it made all the difference. I got to be best friends with the Lord that year in a way that would have never happened if I had stayed in that social world of campus. Did I miss out? Well, maybe, but I know I gained something far more valuable.

Maybe you’ve already come to one of those crossroads. If you haven’t, you almost certainly will. Because God is looking for a people who will continue to choose Him, continue to follow Him and continue to pursue Him out of a deep and true love.

Are you willing to give up everything to follow Him? Are you willing to make hard choices to follow that narrow road?

We’ll continue the “your faith plan” series each Thursday. Tune in! Ask questions! Make a comment!

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